JAN 10 - 14 2018


Accommodation packages are available as single or twin/triple share. Twin share is ideal, allowing plenty of room for beds, luggage and easy movement within the tent. Families and groups can be allocated tents together, but it is necessary to mention this when booking.

Please note that due to the growing popularity of this great event that Tent City was booked out on certain days in 2017.

The accommodation includes fold-up bed/s and mattress; The basic prices are based on you bringing your own bedding (sleeping bag or sheets, blankets & pillows, towels etc.). The tents are carpeted, screened and fitted with a 12-volt light.

If needed Tent City Hire can hire bed linen. Linen consists of sheets, pillow, pillowcase and doona. Blankets will be in store if required. Towels are not included. Tables and chairs can also be hired and will be set up at your tent. If you require any of these items they will have to be preordered to ensure supply.

Tea and Coffee, Breakfast and Cooking
Tea and coffee is available free of charge from the clubhouse. Breakfast (Bacon and egg burgers are available each morning for a nominal rate and Tent City's BBQ is available for patrons use to prepare other meals during the day if required.

"Graceland on the Green" Location
The site for Tent City is North Parkes Sporting Complex, located on Alexandra Street. The site is approximately 15 minutes walking distance to the main street and the Festival's major clubs and the central Cooke Park outdoor entertainment venue.

Toilets & Showers
Ample toilets and showers are provided nearby to the tents in the clubhouse. Please bring your own towel and personal toiletries.

Festival Shuttle Buses
A Festival Shuttle bus will service the Gracelands on the Green site, with transport to the main street and major Festival venues. Timetables will be available onsite.

Safety & Security
Periodic security patrols will occur during night hours. Tent City Hire staff will be present onsite at all times. It is advised that valuables should not be kept in the tents.

Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Special rates apply for children.

See you at Parkes!